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Body Press


Dir. Dan Graham, 16mm Color

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Two 16mm films. Two filmmakers stand within a surrounding and completely mirrorized cylinder, body trunk stationary, hands holding and pressing a camera's back end flush to, while slowly rotating it about, the surface cylinder of their individual bodies. One rotation circumscribes the body's contour, spiraling slightly upward with the next turn. With successive rotations, the body surface areas are completely covered as a template by teh back of the camera(s) until eye-level (view through cameraman's eyes) is reached; then reverse mapping downard begins until the orginal starting point is reached.

[Source: Dan Graham, Works 1965 - 2000 on the occasion of the Exhibition Dan Graham Works 1965 - 2000, organized by the Museu de Arte Contemporānea de Serralves, Porto, 2001]