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Dir. Russell Kingston, 16mm Color Sound 00:22:00

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A UCLA student film by Russell Kinston, starring Linda Jassim. A beautifully photographed, wryly humorous study of a nervous young model's first nude assignment posing for a life drawing class, and her dramatic confrontation with a disapproving boy friend at the close of the class session.
Award winner: 1971 Bellevue Film Festival, 1971 Independent Filmmaker's Competition, Central Michigan University.
'In my view, the best of the narrative films in the competition, POSING offers a penetrating insight into the unspoken consciousness of a girl modeling for an art class. Photography, editing and sound fused to reach below the surface into the psychological conditions of the film's characters.' - Owen Shapiro, Judge, INDEPENDENT FILMMAKER'S COMPETITION. ADULT
[Source: Creative Film Society Catalogue, 1975]

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Starring: Linda Jassim